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MDI Cutting Wheels


MDI cutting wheels are well known for high and stable quality and additionally long lifetime.

Besides our conventional wheels made of tungsten carbide or polycrystalline diamond we also offer the innovative Penett® and APIO® wheels with unique capabilities.

Penett® Wheels


Small notches along the burr of our Penett® perform a scribe with a vertical crack of up to 90% of the glass thickness, which effectively simplifies or even eliminates the breaking process.
The MicroPenett® is preferable for thin glass cutting up to 0.40mm thickness.

This APIO® wheel enables a very high yield and a higher edge strength than conventional wheels independent from the glass type. In addition cracks at starting zones and crossing points can be avoided due to the special grinding.

MDI axles made of tungsten carbide or polycrystalline diamond are a perfect match to MDI wheels and holders in terms of quality and lifetime.

There is a wide range of MDI holders and their designs meet all customer requirements. For any type of glass cutting machine we are able to supply the suitable holder.