Laser Systems

The precision systems of our LD, TGC, and DLC series offer all the advantages coming along with contactless glass processing. Hybrid machines that combine multiple technologies (green laser, COlaser, cutting wheel), as well as customer-specific modifications and system integrations are available.

LD Series

  • laser driller using green laser technology
  • flexible free shape drilling, marking, and patterning with one system
  • substrate thickness from 0.3mm to 50.0mm
  • precise rectangular processing
  • chamfering during drilling process possible
  • high yield with high accuracy
  • space saving stand-alone unit with user-friendly interface
  • integrated suction system for removing particles.
Line-up: Max. glass size:
LD600 600mm x 900mm

TGC Series

The patented CO2 laser technology by MDI enables use and handling of ultra-thin glass not only in the experimental phase, but also in industrial production.

  • thin glass cutter using CO2 laser technology
  • highly durable cutting edges without micro cracks
  • roll-up of glasses with thickness from 30µm to 200µm
  • no chippings due to no material loss
  • no additional tensions inside the glass
Line-up: Max. glass size:
TGC1350 1200mm x 1700mm

DLC Series

  • laser cutter using CO2 laser technology
  • precise and clean cutting with 3 – 4 times higher edge strength
    compared to conventional wheel cutting
  • maximum yield by minimum waste material
  • very thin glass (e.g. 100µm) with high yield
  • optical glass edge quality
  • no micro cracks or chippings
  • no material loss during or after cutting process
  • no glass particles, e.g. ready for cleanroom use
Line-up: Max. glass size:
DLC600 500mm x 500mm

System Integration

For individual laser applications such as drilling, cutting, patterning, and coating removal we offer processing bridges equipped with:

  • solid-state laser (1064nm / 532nm)
  • UV laser (355nm)
  • CO2 laser (10600nm)

Numerous customized system are currently in use operating 24/7. In all cases the conveyor unit was provided by customer.

Laser Brücke

Special Machines

In cooperation with Fraunhofer IZM we designed a system that enables laser joining of fiber optic interconnects for communications and sensors.

  • joining of fibers to glass substrates and lenses
  • active alignment with positioning precision of ±1µm and better
  • high degree of automation for short processing time
  • superior optical transparency due to no adhesives
  • high mechanical stability and reliability

For further invormation please visit the Fraunhofer IZM website