by MDI Cutting Wheels

Our unique cutting wheels are worldwide known as premium, high performance cutting tools. You are free of choice; either use them with MDI Cutting Machines e.g. MP500 or alternatively with machines from other manufactures.

Our innovative cutting wheel technologies are already state of the art in the Flat Panel Display market. The breaking process is either completely unnecessary or can be simplified dramatically by scribing with Penett® wheel. The scribing process has a very large parameter window and can be performed using various separation methods.
Compared with scribing by conventional diamond wheels, the quality at cross points, as well as the beginning of the scribe shows substantial improvements. Due to the minimal breakage required, the cutting accuracy is very high and cutting of very narrow stripes can be realized.

Depending on your application the use of our APIO® (= All Purpose In One) wheel might be the right choice for your process or your machines. This special cutting wheel is also very flexible in use.

Our conventional diamond or also tungsten carbide wheels, available in different shapes and dimensions, offer high cutting quality over a long lifetime.