Outstanding Prospects with MDI Advanced Processing GmbH

The Optimal Technology for Your Application

Cutting with MDI Cutting Wheels
Conventional cutting of brittle materials with patented cutting wheels and the according holders and axles
Cutting of Glass without Material Loss
Optical glass edge quality without chippings or micro cracks enables highest fracture resistance
Drilling of Holes and Flexible Shapes
Flexible drilling, partial ablation, marking, coating removal, and chamfering by green laser
Processing of Ultra-Thin Glass
Cutting of ultra-thin glass without micro cracks resulting in highest edge strength by Laser

MDI Advanced Processing GmbH

Our Company was originally established in 2005 as a joint venture between the Japanese machine and tool supplier for glass processing Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. and the German manufacturer for special glass SCHOTT AG. read more

Our Mother Company MDI in Japan

The “Mitsuboshi Diamond Tool Factory” was founded 1935 in Osaka / Japan as a manufacturer of diamond glass cutters. Adding glass scriber to its portfolio, MDI grew rapidly to become one of the leeading companies in supplying the Flat Panel Display market with fully-automated cutting machines and lines. read more

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