Cutting Tools

Cutting Wheels

MDI cutting wheels are well known for high and stable quality and additionally long lifetime. Besides our conventional wheels made of tungsten carbide or polycrystalline diamond we also offer the patented Penett® and APIO® wheels with unique capabilities.

APIO® Wheels

Our APIO® wheels are true all-rounders and achieve very high yields and a higher edge strength than conventional wheels, regardless of the type of glass. In addition, the emergence of cracks when placing the wheel on the glass surface and at crossing points can be avoided by the special grinding.

Penett® Wheels

Small notches along the burr of our Penett® wheels perform a scribe with a vertical crack of up to 90% of the glass thickness, which effectively simplifies or even eliminates the breaking process.

The MicroPenett® wheel is preferable for thin glass cutting up to 0.40mm thickness.

The Penett® double-angle wheel is ideal for scribing substrates with protective film or coating as well as chemically  strengthened glass.

Holders and Axles

MDI holders are available in a wide variety of designs. They are closely geared to customer needs and can also be easily fitted in machines from other manufacturers.

Our tungsten carbide or diamond axles are the perfect combination to the MDI cutting wheels and holders, as they are optimally matched in terms of quality and lifetime.

Holders and Holder Joints

Our holders are available in standard and precision version.

Of course, we also offer holder joints to use our cutting tools on machines from other manufacturers.

Mrcs® (Pre-assembled Sets)

Numerous wheel with different specifications are available pre-assembled as Mrcs® (MDI Rapid Change System), forming a fixed unit of holder, wheel and axle.

These sets, fitted with our high-quality diamond wheels and axles, allow quick and easy exchange, simplifying quality control and lifetime management. Due to precise manufacturing and assembly, our Mrcs® show very stable scribing persormances.