Job Shops

With Innovative Technologies from MDI

We offer you processing and cutting of small batches according to your requirements by wheel or laser Technology:


  • Patterning and Marking by Laser or Needle Technology
    We can offer both, laser and mechanical tool technology, for glass substrates up to 600mm x 1200 mm, processed on our granite-based machine with highest accuracy, for job shops.


  • CO2 Laser Cutting
    We offer laser scribing and breaking of flat glass resulting in glass blanks with a scribing accuracy of ± 25µm, a zero clearance and no microcracks, which make further processing steps such as washing, grinding and polishing needless.


  • Processing by Green Laser
    We offer drilling, cutting and patterning on one and the same machine. In most cases we can refrain from handling as all process steps can be performed with one tool.


  • Wheel Cutting
    Scribing and breaking of flat glass with our patented APIO® and Penett® wheel technologies.


  • Analysis and Measuring
    Software-based analysis and electronical measurement of substrates up to 300mm x 400mm with an accuracy of ± 3µm.


  • Bending Tests
    3- and 4-point-bending tests for evaluation of edge strength;
    bending force up to 10kN.

R&D Cooperations

Optimal Combination of Process and Equipment

We develop innovative process technologies for your high-quality products based on brittle materials.
Our R&D is always close to our customers’ requirements and we give support from early stages of development in order to achieve the optimal combination of process and equipment.


If you need more information or wish to get a consultation, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

You can send us your sample substrate for processing and you are also welcome to join us during trials in our laboratories any time.